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Ketchem Construction
105 Ketchem Lane

Waynesburg, PA 15370


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Coal Company/Mine/Location


Bailey Mine

Man & Materials Hoist, Sheaves, Designed Steel for Shaft Bottom - Rope up - Socket Cables - Skip Wreck and annual Slope Hoist Maintenance

Barnes & Tucker Coal Co. Barnesboro, PA & Carroltown, PA

Removed Hoist & Rehabilitated

Beth Energy - Eighty-Four, PA

Brake Replacement - Engineering & Design

Blacksville #1

Shaft Bearings, Sheave Wheels

Blacksville #2 - Wana, WV

Skip Repairs - Re-rope

Carlsbad, NM

Removed Hoist & Rehabilitated

Cyprus Cumberland - Kirby, PA

Re-socket Hoist Rope, annually

Emerald Mine

Reducer Replacement

Federal #2

Hoist Bearings, Motor Change, Replaced 45 man cage, Remove down shaft wooden guide rails, Repaired landing steel, Repaired Cage

Freeman Coal Co. - Illinois

Removed Hoist & Rehabilitated

Joann Mine

Hoist Drum Shell Installed and Rebuilt Production Hoist

Kanwha Eagle - Cheaspeake, WV

Removed Hoist & Rehabilitated

Laurel Mine - Stoystown, PA

Removed Hoist & Rehabilitated

Mettiki Coal Co. Site D

Replaced Bearings, Hoist Realignment, Track Switch

Mettiki Mine - C Site - MD

Removed Hoist & Rehabilitated

Morton Salt - Ohio


Nacco Mining

Bearings, Drum Shaft, Bull Gear Pinions

Nineveh Mining

Cable Sockets, Re-rope, Shaft Steel

Philippi Development

Complete Hoist Realignment, Cable Sockets, Provide rubbing blocks throughout the slope and turnouts

Plum Creek Mine

Brakes Controls and Mechanical Alignment

Pontiki #1

Rehabilitated Hoist, New motor, New pinion, New brakes, Realigned rebuilt Lilly Controller

Pontiki #1A

New Bull Gear, New Pinion, Realigned, New

Lilly Controller, New Brakes

Pontiki # 2

Bearings, Pinion, Realignment

RAG Emerald Mine

New Reducer and New Couplings

RAG Rocksprings

New Hoist Brake Unit, Car Linkage, Rope Installation, Inspections & Alignment, Elevator Repairs, Bunton Steel Repaired & Painted

Renton Mine

Bull Gear, Pinion Gears, Brakes Replacement,  Skip Wreck

Spruce Pine - Jewel Ridge, VA

Lebus Shell, Bearings, Pinion