Ketchem Construction Company is your one stop shop for mine hoisting systems.  For 42 years, we have designed, installed, and maintained hoists for the production, service, and development to America’s leading coal producers.


The engineering department is the starting point of every job.  We design equipment to suit your needs.  We work diligently to ensure all our work adheres to applicable State and Federal codes.


KCC Maintains the most experienced and qualified field erectors and electrical sub-contractors to install mine elevators and hoisting systems. We pride ourselves on installations that meet the customers needs and approval.


KCC offers maintenance agreements to service your equipment monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of standard parts, always ready for prompt delivery.


Sheaves Rope support structures - Knuckle rollers - Rubbing blocks
Safety assemblies for slack rope and over wind conditions
Automatic track switches - Wireless brake car transmitters
Automatic car battery charging systems - Load cells
Wire rope cleaning and lubrication systems - Braking upgrades and more


Lets Discuss Your Individual Needs in order to analyze your specific hoisting needs, and we will work with your company to design, manufacture, install, and maintain a system that will serve you for many years.

Ketchem Construction
105 Ketchem Lane

Waynesburg, PA 15370


Toll Free: (800)969-0191

Office: (724)627-5706

Fax: (724)627-3163


Emergency Contacts


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